Our range of

There are many roles you can pick up at BASF Innovation Center Gent. Within R&D, LTO, IP, or business support. Sorry about the abbreviations, by the way. Just scroll and click and you’ll learn more soon enough.

Research & Development (R&D)

When it comes to science, the sky is just the beginning. From researching crop traits in labs to breeding new seeds in greenhouses and fields. Backed and boosted by the latest and the greatest in data and digital. Biotech from A to Z, all in one place.

Licence to Operate (LTO)

Seeds and traits are quite the business. With complex, diverse and evolving regulations, processes and approvals. Unique in every region where we research, cultivate and export to. Hence our international team of regulatory and logistic masterminds who leave nothing to chance. Not to mention our colleagues who build and maintain strong relations with the political and academic world.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Great ideas from the greatest minds deserve to be acknowledged. That’s why we have an IP squad of counselors and former scientists who prepare and file our patents. That’s how we protect years of hard and smart work for every crop we make stronger. And share our discoveries with the entire world.

Business support

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a village to enable science. With HR, finance, legal, facility, safety, procurement and communication pros. All chipping in to produce stronger seeds for the future. How’s that for a purpose?

Buzzing about business support?