The ones that make it all happen

We’re all made of genes. And we work with genes. Who knows, we might even have a Gene or Gina on our staff. Discover who is behind all these great discoveries and patents. What their daily life looks like. And how proud they are of what they already accomplished. 

A day in the life of

Let our stories inspire you. From people who made their personal passion their professional one. Some might even have a new role by now. But hey, that’s what happens when you support career changes!

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Lab Technician

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Method Development Scientist 

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R&D Product Manager 

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Variety Registration Manager EMEA

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Greenhouse Technician 

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Oilseed Rape Global Technology Lead 

We are really contributing to making the agricultural sector sustainable which is so crucial for survival as a human race.

Sr. Global Operational Excellence Manager

When you visit our greenhouse where experiments are ongoing, you can see the effect of our traits compared to the control plants. This is why we do what we do: to see clear results in the lab, and in the end in the field!

Team Leader Plant Genome Engineering


Group Leader Screening

I am proud of what we accomplish together as a team. I am also proud of how we do it, our culture and atmosphere.

What we care about

It’s great to have a dream, a strategy and a plan. And to see how everyone is doing their part to make it work. People with their own backgrounds and ways. Their own habits and sense of humour. But to make our dream work and our diversity thrive, there is one thing that we have in common. Our common DNA. Our core. Better yet, our core values.

Core values: Creative


Every eureka starts with what if. Then we fail our way to success.

Core values: Open


Don’t ever shut up. Just shout! We love to add and mix spices.

Core values: Responsible


Sustainability? Our goal. Compliance? Our means.  Science? Our whoopee! 

Core values: Entrepreneurial


Farmers need help. So put on your boots and get in the field. If you please.

Where science meets happiness

Working here is way more than doing what you’re good at. It’s doing what makes you feel good inside. Whether it’s showing you care for the planet, the people around you or the future of science. So, here are a few examples of what you could also be signing up for.

We want you to feel welcome

That’s why we invite you to our parties and family days. Have workgroups who just love to organise a yearly quiz, kubb contest or anything else that sounds like fun. And since we’re an international bunch of people, we also make sure you can learn Dutch in a fun way. Vree wijs!

We want you to feel healthy

In body, mind and spirit. That’s why we have a yearly safety day and a bunch of activities that boost your health and safety. Or jump on your bike and join the cycling team, or participate in a running competition as a group: either way, cycling or biking, you get to wear our personalized outfit. But there’s a lot more (sports) you can do in and around the office, including board games. Got any wellbeing ideas yourself? Just let us know.

We bring bright minds together

Yes, we love to hang out and have fun. But we also get together for talks and events about science and innovation. Across all functions on site. Or set up activities and contests around climate change. Like clean streets. So you can take sustainability into account at work and at home.

We want to show how cool science is

Science gets fun when it comes to life. Like in our online “did you know” fact series. Or in the site visits for college students. Not to mention “Science on the Road”, a project of VIB. Where we show kids in the classroom just how fun, cool, interesting or mind-blowing science can be through experiments.